Saturday, July 12, 2014

Weekend inspiration.....

I have had some ideas sitting in my mind...and finally tonite I was able to get together with Destiny to try out the new dress from Boston...AND....actually try to throw flour.  I've seen a gazillion people do it...and a gazillion great images from it.  I wanted to make my own experience and just try it. 

I found throwing it was harder than it looked...depending on how much or how the wind took it...but it did make this NICE CLOUD effect that was quite awesome.  These are only testers and teasers...but I wanted to share!!! :)

our first time to be in this place with this dress and this scene. :)

First time to throw some flour and work on the fly with learning to use it!
I will have additional pieces that come out later-  but for now I just wanted to play with my brain a bit, maybe play with YOUR brain a bit....and move forward with creativity.

Sometimes you are sitting and watching the river flow.
Sometimes you are swimming in it.

Don't ever be too hard on yourself!  You are a creative unique being - and you have a lot to give!  But also remember those times to receive. <3 :)

You are loved.


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