Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Fall Creative Retreat - Dates announced!!!!!

As I was completing the wonderful mission of the creative retreat this month...I started searching for the next feasible dates for the NEXT one.  I believe that we always need to "check-in" with ourselves and learn how to access our treasures.  I have been working non-stop for this whole month and really embracing the uniqueness and ideas that come with this assignment.

I truly am beginning to see all the things that hold hands together to form our creative spirits!!!  So, the next dates of the retreat have been announced!  I already have the registration page up, but I can give you early-bird pricing for the month of August. :)  Because space is limited to FIVE women only - we have a chance to have in-depth moments of conversation, creation and so many more things that access your treasures within.  Every single retreat will be variably different as inspiration is a full-flowing-river that you just JUMP into when ready. :)

When you sign up, drop ALL expectations and walk into the unknown with me!

In creating the IMAGE below:
These were moments of fear, moments of darkness and of heat and rain.  We had a mixture of environmental cues hit us on this day in moment of the shoot.  The sensitivity of the environment lends me to create thoughts and ideas into images that speak to me as a person.  Our art SHOULD speak to us! The question also is, are we listening?  I got a sense of FEAR because it was unknown territory.  We had walls that blocked us from ACCESSING our true creative spirit.  The heat of the moment poured down my face and I could barely keep up with the energy that was driving me forward into that blank space.  The moment I embraced my environment I was able to relax long enough to create images that brought an out-worldly feel directly into my heart.  It is THIS out-wordly feeling we try to create when we leave our comfort zones.  In the immediate future (yes, we are time travelers)...those next moments can bring a torrential downpour and lightning storm.  You've heard it said to "dance in the rain"....but how often do we sit inside and just watch.  We don't participate and we don't ENGAGE the rain.  I invite you, dear FIVE women....to embark on the next creative retreat...where 2 days...will help you to, ARISE.

Here is our new graphic for the Fall....  SIGN UP HERE

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