Monday, July 28, 2014

My artwork seen in TIMES SQUARE NEW YORK CITY, July 24th.

As a result of entering a competition and art show, I was able to show SIX of my images in the See.Me #takeover in Times Square New York City.

I wasn't able to go there in person but I was able to sift through some of the photos that were posted to find 4 pictures out of the 6 I had in the show.  Because the billboards were SO LARGE some of the pictures they took were hard to make out.  I did find ONE though which make me super super happy!!!!  The new photo galleries online were great quality - so i still have TWO more to find!

Thanks to everyone that believes in me and my work.  I have a great time going on adventures in my mind to create pieces that are MEANINGFUL and thought-provoking.  NYC is one of my favorite places - so I would love to see my work go there more often!!! :)

Here are the images I've found so far!

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