Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday Fantasy: "3 dimensions and eye-face"

I had a lovely friend over last nite whom is an all-over beautiful person and SUPERNERD.  I had enlisted her help to brainstorm, talk and feel out where I'm going with my wedding photography AND other things.  After our journey of talking shop and per usual there was moments of play. :)

I took a few pictures of her using random objects she was gravitating towards...and really I always end up feeling so "spacey" anyways. hahahah!!!!  So my *fantasy* tends to take me to outworldly places using lines, textures, lights and FACES. 

When creating this image below....
 It is kinda funny that you can't see the DOME that is around her face - but you can clearly see the hoberman sphere.  I let my fingers guide me as I made it feel as if it was one of those kinds of images that jogs your eyeballs and you try to figure out is this motion, is this blur this a mess!?! :)  I fell into the 3D world and just let it be.  I love the colors and I love how her double-eye turned out. 

I had a flash of stuff like this in my mind:

I then took myself to a familiar prop - the lighted magnifying glass.  I don't think I will ever get tired of it. I really don't! HAHAAHAH :)  This time - somehow her eye seemed to take up half her face.  I really liked how creepy fun cool it looked and so I took it up a notch here. 

Letting the FANTASY part come into play.....I did this:
original image - model: Jedi Goddess
Combining the front and back side of the magnifying glass - model: Jedi Goddess
Finalized idea/image - i'm kinda obsessed at how weird it is! - model : Jedi Goddess
Ok folks - so basically LET YOURSELF take a turn for the weird.  Accept that sometimes you just need to play a bit and open yourself up for friends and play time.  Ideas can come as you share time with others and you also give your imagination a STRETCH.  

Take yourself into the 3rd dimension and OPEN YOUR EYES to the possibilities!!!!

-what is the last PROP you used in a weird way? 
-how did that turn out? 
-have you TRIED IT AGAIN????
-what new twist can you make from a past image idea?

Much Love


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