Tuesday, November 18, 2014

This week is unique.

"Down time" to me...gets a little restless after week one. 

I have some AMAZING THINGS I'm cooking up apart from my usual thoughts of traveling, connecting and making art. 

The problem usually is- staying ON COURSE through the rest time to accomplish these goals big and small.  This week I've felt a slight distraction coming to say hello.  I've felt ups and downs - anxiousness and lack of confidence.  All those friends that come to visit when you don't want them to. 

Truthfully I would rather have a nice phone call from a friend than THESE "friends". 

I do have huge dreams.  Some of them very silly and very simple.  What is boils down to is I do love making connections with people.  Be it creatively or by finding common ground to laughter.  I am, at heart, a RELATOR to the core.  I realize I dive in and out of these worlds of wanting to be alone and wanting to socialize.  I am realizing more and more how I work internally - and in that, the more I know me,  the more I can realize when I'm having a good or bad MENTAL day. 

The mind is the labyrinth of the thoughts that access emotions/logic and everything we seemingly are created with.  One minute you can access the thoughts that take you to high places of joy and the next minute you can access a thought that takes you to a lowest of low.  Choosing which thoughts to access is key. 

Choose wisely.

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