Monday, November 3, 2014

Monday Madness: "Longing"

I titled these things "Monday madness" because sometimes I am thinking of random things all weekend or all day long.  This is where I stop and enter into the madness.  

In - "madness" has a 4th meaning.  

intense excitement or enthusiasm. 
I have a hard time really communicating my heart out into the world, but yet somehow it does get out there.  If you don't see it in words then you see it in pictures.  My viewpoint is my own.  My eyes are my own and my madness is my own!!!!
I am reflecting this morning about my short time in Maine.  I look at the images and how blue and crisp the waters were and I want to be there again.  I want to be there longer than 2 hours.  I want to sit on the rocks and absorb the surroundings to the fullest.  
I realize that even if I planned a trip up again - it would not be the same as before - but would be another UNIQUE experience to life and love.  Embracing all of who I am NOW and all of who I am in the future.  Realizing that every day dreams that are seeds have to take root, then BURST into the light for all to see.  
Enjoy a few beautiful moments from Maine.  
I had never been to this state before.   
Now I feel myself being drawn back - if only for the water's edge.
Thank you for enjoying and reaching for inspiration every day!!!!

Monday Madness:
-what right now are you INTENSELY excited about? 
-share an image with your friends and family about something you experience in 2014 that ignited your passions
-write a paragraph about how you felt in THIS moment.

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