Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thursday Thinking: "Access your heart"

I can't help but sometimes FEEL overwhelmed when it comes to digging out the treasures in my heart!  I sat down today to start thinking about the future.  You know the not-so-distant future of 2015 and beyond.  

I was stuck for a few moments.  

When we get so busy and forget to slow down, we might also miss dreams inside that needed to be found.  We may already be LIVING a lot of our dreams - but I've also found that some dreams are within dreams to an even BIGGER dream.  (geez, Inception much?) heheeh!!!!

Yea you feel that?


But, take heart dear ones - this feeling only lasts a short while because then you get back on track breaking down your dreams/goals into pieces that you can walk out bit by bit.  We weren't made to FLY necessarily - we were given FEET to walk to our destination.  

Hey, that doesn't mean I don't WANT wings - but let us stay on the ground for a few tread lightly and keep moving forward.  Open your eyes and mind to the light that surrounds you and your path.  Let peace and love rule.  

Before you know it - you have opened up a huge ball of energy and it changes your life forever.

-what dream has been buried that you need to DIG out? 
-where does YOUR energy come from? 
-what drives YOU?
-write down at least ONE GOAL today and set yourself to complete it in the next 3 months!

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