Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tuesday TipTricks!!!! : "Using WINTER as the perfect excuse to create"


So, I'll be the first to tell you - it is NOT my favorite season!!! I don't like being cold and I don't like wearing 5 layers of clothes to STAY warm.  My winters here in texas turn into flannel pants every single day.  It is the warmest thing I own for my legs.  Go figure. 

However, I like to take that 3-7days we might be locked in our house for ICE (long story, short story, Texans have crappy roads in winter) and make some art!!!

So my biggest TIP or TRICK today is - let winter work FOR you instead of against you!!!!

Below you will find images throughout last winter and what I experienced as a TEXAN who really dislikes winter.  I start with making art from icicles and then merging into a fun project with Rachel Frank, Jane Love and Justin Hardesty in Chicago IL.   

 I was able to push myself artistically even when the bitter cold was sweeping across my face, hands and eyeballs!  The wind off the lake was SO STRONG i couldn't even open my eyes.  I had to walk BACKWARDS!  In the end, I learned that relationships mean just as much to me as the art I create.  These people in this blog have touched my life in more ways than one and I'm so greatful for them.  So, even when I travel in WINTER I find love, happiness and creativity. 

artwork made of icicles on our house.
18 (or less) degrees - Chicago IL - Model: Jane Love  Designer: RFD by Rachel Frank
working around the blizzard. - Model: Jane Love - Designer: RFD by Rachel Frank
enjoying our wintertime - together.  Chicago IL
our moments on the frozen lake - no photo shoot here - just plain crazee wind!!!!!
making snow angel art
making memories with friends - even if I dislike winter!!!  I love Justin!!!!!

-When winter hits, what are you going to use for your next project?  Snow? Ice? WIND????
-Share your art with someone who hates winter, see if it inspires them.
-What is your greatest memory from winter? (be it traveling or relationships) 
-Don't let WINTER shut you down this year, find ways to bring the light and joy into gloomy weather.  Make it fun and make new relationships!!!! <3 

Much Love


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