Friday, March 14, 2014

Following through with things you DON'T WANT TO DO.........

In January 2014 I was in St Louis attending the After Dark Intensive which was alllll about business and devoting LOTS of time to your business needs and wants. 

Now, of course, most of you know I took a lot of Brooke Shaden's classes this year.  Mostly because not only is she a great teacher....but she speaks a language I can understand.  In this world of overly-technical and overly-complicated messages - she comes through loud and clear about doing what you love.


What about doing what you DON'T love?  Part of our brief exercise in one of her classes was writing down keywords and things that aren't AS inspiring or strong, but yet you write them down anyways.  Like for her?  If she was to shoot hot pink - it is not something she would choose. lol!!!!  For me?  darkness and darker monochrome things are harder for me to gravitate to.  So in class, I had jotted down some key words like "patent black"....which to be honest was just my PURSE I was staring at. LOL 

Out of the 2 columns I had a vision clearly in my head of something super fun...and unique and totally "me"...and then i had the other column.  The words that weren't my favorite, the visuals that weren't the most appealing...and then she challenged us to work on BOTH.

So, I give you the "darker" side of the words I chose.  This art piece was created from a petticoat I borrowed from Hallie Garcia, latex necklaces and a simple backdrop.   I had this vision of me walking through swirls of darkness and light and I'm doing my best to put that out there.  I added a small texture today that happened to be Brooke's footprints from our session at "Master your Craft".  To me, those have amazing texture and make GREAT ART. :)

So tell me - does this make sense?  I'm just a character in a story....and we are all reading one big book together..................

paving my own path....with swirls of dark and light.

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