Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Creating homework: A way to push yourself BEYOND your limits.

I don't know about all yall other creatives....
but sometimes you get "in the zone" creating for a lot of other people and you tend to let YOUR creations fall to the curb and be forgotten.

This year is a year of REMEMBERING!

Let's pick back up our ideas and visions...and ASSIGN OURSELVES HOMEWORK!!!!

I cannot say that I create every day - but every day IS an opportunity to create.

Today, I'm about to launch into a project that is hands-on and creating a prop for a future shoot.  But I also thought - WHAT CAN I DO TODAY in creation mode in the photography world???

I am re-visiting my Creative Live images again.  You know, the kind that keep calling you back...saying "come plaaaay with meeee" :)  Well, i stopped in through a journey of ideas into the image of Jane Love on the floor in the old abandoned seminary.

I wanted to play with some feathers that I've had for a while and make an interesting piece that says something else besides what I would consider normal.

I've been striving to push myself since Brooke's classes - and see what visions I can create what dream worlds can be concieved.  So far, I'm just playing - I'm learning - I'm growing.  Time management can be a mind suck when it comes to being an artist as I've just spent 2 hours distracted.  But out of this quick distraction I found some fun, ideas and future dreams.

Join me in welcoming another image into the family.................

and then, GO CREATE YOURSELF some homework!!! <3
show it...see it....think about it....write about it!

here is mine

Free flow writing.....

What a troubled and oppressed lady this is.  She is surrounded by clouds of dark and light and she struggles to find flight.  It seems as though she has fallen asleep and taken notice that someone is watching her.  What is she thinking? What will she do next? 

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