Tuesday, March 11, 2014

the DREAM of Creative Live...part 4!! DAY TWO workshop!

Soooooooooooo we made it through day one.  We were inspired....kickstarted...excited...and can we say....feeling CREATIVE!!!???!!!!!

Our filming was going to be around the building that day....and one of the setups started inside one of the rooms of vines, branches and other goodies to build on.  She discussed a lot of sets, setups and more to build your picture (you gotta BUY THE CLASS) .  

I took some screen prints of the "scenes" we got to experience - but to really grasp what was going on - you have to just watch....every detail was IMPORTANT to creating the images that are in your mind!!!!

The following images are from the first segments....we are all very cold - but learning a TON via her great teaching style and imagination!!!!!  

Jane Love & Brooke
Setting a Scene
Behind the scenes
The seminary
The floor i was inspired by.
A view through the window.
Behind the scenes as we are moving into the first segment!
 Now BEFORE the segment came on - I decided to snag a picture with Brooke because I felt that out of all the outfits I've seen her in - this one had to be the top! lol  As I stood next to her she said the key words that I knew to be true.  "We are so US today".  I literally had to gleamingly say...YES...WE ARE!!!!!! 
"We are US today".
Behind the Scenes
At this point we are heading towards lunch break where I got to take THREE MINUTES with Jane the model....and think about a scene in this huge place to shoot her.  I had chosen a room that was literally across the hall from the studio setup.  So, I took a chance and got some ideas out.
This is my PRE-art to my final concept.  No major touchups - but I wanted to use this FLOOR soooo bad!!!! I was insanely in love with this "river" flowing on it.
After my 3 minutes was done......we had our next segments to go through.  We knew that this was the day where ONE would be outside...OH BOYYYYY :)  They gave us hand-warmers and I thought that was amazing.  I saved them for the very very coldest part of our day!  I had to remember to bundle up and get ready!!! OH YES.  IT was worth it.  Every bit!

Our segments outside - COLD!!!!!!!!!
A view of the seminary - SO MUCH to want to capture!!!
This place was quite awesome.
Both Aussie Jen and I were fascinated by this tower. We wished we could shoot up there.
It was so bright outside - NO CLOUDS. :)
The outdoor shooting went great OF COURSE!!!! I opted to just watch....I was kinda scared to jump in and help a bit. I guess I wanted to be sure everyone got their creativity in.  I just love watching how all of our diverse personalities worked together to help create a GREAT experience!!!  After the final sessions of the day - we met up for dinner at a Vegan restaurant to enjoy a big meal <3  It was actually really really good.

"chicken wings" - oh LORD that spicy sauce was good!!!
let's try it girls!!!!
We all got some great munchies!
And so our 2nd day ended with much laughter....GOOD FOOD and I didn't get to finish my 3rd "fish taco"....it got left in the fridge!!! AWWWWWWWWWW *cries* :) 

Jane and I ended our nite with a few silly and fun images of her magazine spreads!!!!  Both in Freque Magazine and Cloud Orchid!!! "I'm kind of a big deal in Wisconsin".....lots and LOTS of fun.

by day two....i was just getting blown away about how FAST this was all going!!!! super super super fast.  We got a good nite's sleep...to prep for DAY THREE.  Day Three was about to get really really fun. 

SHHHHHHHHHH don't tell anyone - but we stumbled into the setup for day Three's set! HAHAAHAHAHAHAHA  So we took a few moments to be goofy, take a few pictures...and play <3 


DAY THREE of the workshop...................................

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