Tuesday, October 21, 2014

"beauty's moment"

I was in a restful state today.  Even though it seems that I don't ever "simmer down" to be still.  I had some good quality quiet time combined with a couple of movies...and THEN a quick trip down to a venue to scout for a wedding coming in March.

Sometimes, I create when I see the waves and motions of other creators.  I ask myself WHY NOT CREATE right now in this moment?  It only takes a few minutes sometimes.  I've been pretty occupied with wedding bliss and all of my clientele that I had not made anything for a few days!

So I stopped to re-visit my moments inside the abandoned theater.  I stopped to be thankful we even got to go inside.  I'm thankful we had flashlights.  I'm thankful I had a model that was willing and eager to be creative and create along with me!  I'm thankful we had eyes to see things maybe we would not have normally seen when walking into darkness. :)

I give you "beauty's moment"

beauty's moment - Model: Mikaela Carson
After staring at all my original images - I began to think about these windows.  I took a small piece of one of the panes to make a haze around her.  I then played with duplication and reversing all the directions I could think of to give me that visual 'ease' about her moment here.  I wanted something semi-distorted.  I wanted something a tad on the creepy side.

As I stare at this now, I feel that she is longing for someone to rescue her.  I had seen this room and it felt locked away from the other parts of the building.  Very much like a princess tower where someone could have been locked in and forgotten.  However, this room had the most light coming in.  There were several stained glass windows with only one missing that was boarded up.

Behind the scenes - part of the tower room - Mikaela Carson modeling/testing
I feel too, this space is longing to be rescued.  We were able to speak to a local architect who was doing some measurements of the space.  I do hope they take this space and make it thrive alive again.  The structure and crisp details are still on the outside, but makes me wonder just what it might have looked like years ago before all the drywall and divisions.

Here's to new life and resurrection.
To creation and LOVE!!!!!

Much love to you,

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