Wednesday, October 22, 2014

When bubble wrap comes in the mail!

Normally I have not been inspired by bubble wrap....

People do things with it...u know, make DRESSES....make unconventional items...but itz really just used for packing items so they don't break or break themselves and all that.

Here lately I've been really inspired by these BUBBLE WRAPS coming in....I really was kinda impressed by some of these packaging designs and looks!  I have started making some art of these things...and letting myself just create a look or feel BASED on this bubble wrap.  I like seeing what lighting and textures can do just by using something I would not normally see. 

And so is some ART I made............................

And last nite, I explored the GREEN bubble wrap with myself in self portraits.
These self portraits are actually in the simplistic stage.  The only thing I did on the top picture was adjust coloring and "fill" the sides where the bubble wrap stopped.  The black and white was was just cropped and used a preset in Lightroom to get a look that I wanted!  I loved using this mirror in my bathroom to create some weirdness and yet *proppyness* of the wrap.

The only wrap I haven't explored yet is that last one there.  The one that is a slightly compact, NON drape version of its cousins.  :)

What item has inspired you this week?
What have you CREATED from it???

Love Jen

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