Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tuesday TipTricks! "Bathmat Beauty!!!"

In today's blog I'm going to share a tip or trick that I've used in the past either in creations or designing things!!!  I ideally would LOVE to keep things simple, but I have also found in life when striving for difference I make things HARDER! ahahah!!!! But all in all - I will share things that have inspired me or pushed me to be creative in new ways!!!

So, here is your tuesday trick or tip! <3
Maybe you have already used this tip or trick...show me????!!! How would you use it for yourself???

Ok! So tip & trick #1!!!!!!!!! HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I traveled to St Louis I brought a prop that I had used several times already.  I think what is important is that when you have an idea...sometimes you have to let it play out and TRY a few times before you might be satisfied with the final product.  

This prop came from my lovely friend Becky who stopped and grabbed it because it stood out to her and inspired her.  When she brought it to my house....I AGREED!!!!!  This prop, is a BATHMAT. :)  A plastic, flexible, see-through, "rock like" BATH MAT!

I tried several different ways to use this during this particular shoot.  I was pretty determined to make something out of it and be completely different than the last shoot.

Before, having help from Melodie & Lisa - they helped hold up the bathmat - as the light is hitting it! (raw image)
I did face touch-ups and added another quick small layer of bathmat to cover the other things.
Model: Mikaela Carson
This right now, is me trying things out.  I basically wanted to cover her face completely and see how i felt about it.  You know? Sometimes you see something in your mind and it doesn't play out as much OR maybe it does.
Model: Mikaela Carson
Model: Marsha Denlinger - "the bathmat corset" - I did really really love how the bathmat made a great corset - I just still have a lot of art to make from that session!  It was unique, different and gave me great new ideas!

The mat took on a lighting that I had not seen before...it almost glowed blue-ish purple.  Super fun!!!!!

Take a wild prop that you are inspired by....and make something AMAZING!!!!!!

Show the world, tell the world, and inspire others!!!!!

Signing off for your Tuesday TipTrick....

Love Jen

Tuesday TipTricks!
-find a prop that inspires you!!!
-use it as least THREE ways in your creation time.
-post the results, think about the results and your story
-what has been your favorite object to use???

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