Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wednesday Wanderings : "inside your brain"

I was going to take a walk today.  You know, actually WANDER outside and see what is going on.  I just never made it out there.  My desire faded away into thoughts of things of the mind and how we let thoughts come in and make a little home.  My wandering today happened til 6am this morning and then I finally went to sleep.  

I realize that I'm always trying to learn how to communicate.  Above all, I want to reciprocate love in the form of actions and words.  I got a little lost last nite and shut down.  I've been re-booting all day to bring my wandering mind back to the reality of change that is here in front of me.

I want to communicate love and passion better.  I want to learn how to take criticism even when very harsh and mean.  I immediately get emotional and take things personal when I am verbally criticized.  I haven't figured my way out of that instant stab in the heart.  I cannot control it.  I know I have the choice to take a lasting offense or not though.  I can choose forgiveness for myself and the other party involved.

So forgive. and forgive OFTEN.   
open up to JOY and Happiness!

This is inside my brain.
(literally) this is my brain scan.

my brain scan

Wednesday Wanderings:
-where did you walk today?
-where did your mind take you? 
-how did you feel when you came BACK???
-write a poem about today's adventure - be it reality or in your mind.

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