Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Fantasy : "The world we make!"

I am consistently making new worlds.  It sometimes comes like a second nature when I'm playing with lights or abstract items.  When I am allowing myself to play for a while I end up in space.  My own outer space!  

When I dream, my mind does go to other places.  It goes beyond the real and into the fantasy.  I'm inspired by movies that take us to new worlds and new solar systems.  I like seeing how stars fly past the screen when one hits the hyperdrive button!   I don't even mind the worlds they create UNDERWATER which still gives you a spacey-otherworldly-feeling.

The world we make in our Friday Fantasy is about spherical objects!   Around the house I'm sure you have a gazillion things in the form of a sphere.  Have you ever thought about making that object a part of your world?  In this image below I have a combination of some images THROUGH a lens that gave me a circle.  (circle, sphere, you get the idea)  I LOVE how the top left reminds me of the moon, the far right reminds me of headlights or a star.  My face feels like a porthole from my spaceship.  I'm just watching things as they fly by and I'm living in my little spherical world floating in space. 

"The world we make" by Pink Light Images

"Sphere" the movie.
On point with the world I'm creating, I'm inspired by movies that use objects in unique ways too.  Especially spacey-alienesque movies.  In June 2014 I bought "Sphere".  I watched it all the way through and THEN I watched it AGAIN listening to the commentary.  I realized then and there the WORLD they created had a LOT more layers that at first glance. Even if you HATED the movie, watch the commentary!   It was so neat to hear about how the world they created went from an idea to a full world.  There was a whole section on just the SPHERE alone!  I recommend it, it is a great watch!  

Movie Still from "Sphere"
Your Friday Fantasy homework: 
-What around your house can become a part of your "world" in your creations.
-Are you seeing more SPHERES now that we've talked about it? 
-What scene can you create inspired by a SPHERE starting from the idea all the way to reality?
-Share your creations with us!  Your art is your voice!

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