Monday, October 27, 2014

Monday MADNESS!!!!! - "listen to the universe!"

This is Monday madness.

Welcome to a new week!!!!  I have really been having a busy weekend, but found some cool things that popped up somewhere on the interwebs and took me on an intriguing short journey.

"All this electromagnetic phenomenons can be transformed into electric signals, which can in turn be amplified and used to excite the membrane of a loud speaker ; thus making audible to the human ear the rustling of the cosmos.  All these sounds were recorded while Voyager 2 was passing at 110 000 km of Saturn's system, and assembled without manipulation.  Extract from "Symphonies of the Planets vol.5 - Saturn's rings", Nasa Voyager Recordings, Brain/Mind Research, 1990. "

I found these sounds of the univerrrrrrrrrse online.  I was intrigued as I pushed play and turned it up loud on my computer speakers.  I immediately found myself feeling like a miniscule part of a vastly large solar system and universe out there.  I imagined myself in a spaceship humming my way through the depths of space seeing new things, colors and finding adventures.  I have already decided - this will be amazing homework to work through.  Getting inspired by the SOUNDS out there in space.

To learn more about it - just google!  I've only just found a handful of videos, but am so intrigued!  I love knowing there are far GREATER things out there than just lil ol me. :)

for your Monday Madness:
-what has inspired you this weekend?
-when was the last time you created to music or sound?
-what is your favorite planet?

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