Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thursday Thinking...."Diversity"

Today is Thursday THINKING!  

I have been thinking about diversity! 

We live in a huge world of diverse people, yet we are all human.

We have inside of us a very diverse group of inner-workings and physical being but we are all held together by our shell.

We have a genetic past and an emotional past! 

I have been thinking about the parts of us that are DIVERSE that make us up as an emotional being.  Our emotional pasts leak into our present and can affect our future.  The pieces of us that have not been addressed and go overlooked can sometimes be the factors that keep us from living a healthy emotional life. 

In some ways I think part of “growing up” is facing that fact that you are a diverse being and you have to learn to embrace ALL of yourself.  There is the you NOW and there is the you that you CAN be.  J  The intricate details of your life have been woven together to create who you are deep inside. 

Now, the kicker question.  DO YOU KNOW YOU? 

In order to relate better to those around us, sometimes it is better to learn to KNOW yourself.  Only you can truly understand YOU in some cases.  YOU learn how to deal with the diversities of YOU so that you can jump out into the world and sing with your voice loud and in clarity.  When we look into the mirror we can see the picture of what we want to be, but in reality we might only see a scribble on a paper.  That beautiful canvas of YOU is just waiting to be discovered and tapped into.  Embrace your times of despair and sadness, but don’t live in them.  Embrace your moments of joy and creativity, but don’t just live there either.  The WHOLE of who we are empowers us to use our voice, to LIVE our lives, to BE a human being on the planet. 

Without broken-ness you would not understand whole-ness.

Without fear you would not understand peace.

Without sight you would not understand SEEING. 

Embrace ALL of you.

Be the better you by KNOWING you better. 

[dih-vur-si-tee, dahy-]

1. the state or fact of being diverse; difference; unlikeness: - diverse:  of various kinds or forms; multiform.

variety; multiformity.

a point of difference.

For your Thursday Thinking: 

-Think about where you are now and where you want to be. 

-What are some small things you can start doing to KNOW yourself better? 

-How is your HEART doing?  (open for receiving, or closed off behind walls) 

-Complete the art below in your own “paint/draw by numbers” style – each piece of you is important to the WHOLE of you. Pick different colors, textures - be it digital or print it out and DRAW ON IT.  :)  Embrace your diversity.

After you finish, please post it up in your home - post it online and share.  Share it with me! I would love to see your results!!! <3  Sign it, and make it your own!

Here is one I put together for myself today!!! :) 

I did mine digitally! But pull out your pencils and paints!  Let's create!

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Have a wonderful thursday.


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  1. You too can make our own!!! I made this for you - especially for you to see within yourself - you are beautifully made. Open up the blog and download the graphic and *color by number!* itz fun!!!!!